Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9

Cycle 9 - CD cover


Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9

Rachel Hippert (Soprano)
Julián De La Chica (Piano)
Composer: Julián De La Chica
Lyric: Julián De La Chica

Format: Album
Release: Jan 5, 2017
Catalogue: Irreverence Group Music IGM-013
GTIN/EAN/UPC: 4050215231047
Producer: IGM




We live in a world where silence has been lost. We live in the constant search for social acceptance, and our universe revolves around social networks. "How can we talk about what is happening today in the world, if we do not know what is happening within us?" We do not know our hearts, natures, and potential, and most of us are too afraid to confront our true selves. This work: Experiential and Indeterminate Songs, Op. 9 (Experimentelle und unbestimmte Lieder Op. 9) is a call to silence, to the exploration of our inner processes, and to the search for fullness.